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January 5, 2015

New Year, New You!

As 2017 starts we make resolutions to try something new or to improve something in our lives.  One resolution that will improve our health and well being is adding more water to our daily routines.

What are the Benefits?

Increase in energy and decrease in fatigue: Drinking plenty of water prevents dehydration, and helps organs function properly giving us more vitality.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress: Our brains need water to function well. Therefore, hydration reduces the stress on our bodies helping keep us at our best.

Weight loss: Water is calorie free and hydrating.  So, replacing high caloric drinks with water helps accelerate weight loss.

Detoxification: Drinking more water will cleanse and flush toxins from our bodies.

Staying mentally alert:  Our brains are 75% water. Drinking water throughout the day helps us stay hydrated and alert.

Improved sleep: Dehydration can result in restlessness, disruption of the body’s natural rhythms and a host of other problems. In conclusion,  increasing water consumption is the simplest and healthiest cure for dehydration.

A more youthful appearance: Drinking half our body’s weight in ounces of water per day keeps our skin moisturized and helps reduce wrinkles.

So, drink up to the many perks that water offers including making YOU a healthier version of yourself in 2017.

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