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September 29, 2015

Secrets to a Great Cup of Coffee

How wonderful it is to start the day with a rich, aromatic, flavorful cup of coffee!  Ever wonder why the cup of coffee at the coffee shop tastes better than the one you brew at home?

We’ll Let You in On a Few Secrets

Since coffee is 98% water, it is essential to use the best water possible when brewing it. Using fresh water is crucial to proper extraction. Always start with cold water; never use hot water directly from the tap.

Furthermore, water that has been heated and then cooled, or has been sitting too long will be void of dissolved oxygen which is a key component of water taste. Using this water will result in a  flat cup of coffee that lacks acidity and clarity.

Another important factor is to use only great tasting water containing a touch of certain minerals like calcium magnesium which imparts good flavor to the coffee.  Water should have no discernible taste or “character” such as sharp or astringent qualities. Minerals like iron and manganese spoil the brew.  Bad water makes bad coffee.

Chlorine in municipal water supplies gives an unpleasant taste and odor to water.  It also suppresses the natural aromatics of coffee and attacks its flavor compounds.

Impurities in well water and city water can add unpleasant flavors and odors to water. Additionally, when the impurities combine with compounds in coffee (caffeine, antioxidants, etc.) they bind together to form solids. Flavors and aromas are diverted, and we are deprived of the pleasure of great tasting coffee.

One of the ways coffee shops provide you with the excellent coffee you enjoy is through sophisticated filters that remove impurities from the water.

The best way get the premier coffee shop taste at home is to use Reverse Osmosis water that has also been re-mineralized by an additional filter. Then you will be saying, “Now THAT is a great cup of homemade coffee!”


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