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October 15, 2015

BPA and BPS: Hidden Dangers of Bottled Water

Was it a relief when you heard that some bottled water manufacturers were replacing BPA with BPS in their bottles? Credible researchers have determined that one is as bad or worse than the other.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

This is a toxic compound found in polycarbonate plastics that is often used in containers that store food and beverages, including plastic water bottles.

BPA is an estrogen-mimicking chemical.  It links to serious health problems such as: prostate and breast cancer, heart problems, premature puberty, infertility, brain and behavior problems and more. It is dangerous enough that in 2012, the Food and Drug Administration ruled BPA could no longer be used in baby bottles and children’s drinking cups.

Growing consumer concerns pushed manufacturers to look for BPA alternatives. Now some Water Bottles and packaged food products carry “BPA free” labels. People buy these “safe” plastic containers unaware of the hidden risks.

Bisphenol S (BPS)

Research has revealed that BPA free products often contain BPS. BPS is chemically similar to BPA and also leaches chemicals with estrogenic activity.  Some of these chemicals are even more potent than BPA. It was additionally discovered that BPS is more persistent than BPA, meaning it sticks around longer increasing the chances of it accumulating in our bodies and the environment.

Furthermore, high temperature causes more BPA and BPS to leach out into food or liquids.  Bottled water is not transported in air conditioned trucks, or stored in temperature controlled warehouses. How hot do you think water bottles get in hot weather on its journey to store shelves? How much BPS and BPA could have leached into water before you even buy it? Is it safe for you and your family to drink?

Looking for the healthiest, safest and, in the long run, cheapest alternative to Bottled Water?  Fill your own glass or stainless steel bottles with Purified Water from your own unit at home. Take them with you wherever you go.  No more dangerous chemicals in your water.  No more plastic water bottles in the landfill.

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