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February 16, 2016

Get The Lead Out Of Your Water

Millions of Americans living across the U.S. don’t know the quality of their drinking water. They assume that what comes out of their tap is pure and clean. And unfortunately, by the time they become aware irreversible damage to their health may have already started.

Lead Contamination Poses a Serious Threat to the Safety of Drinking Water

This colorless, odorless and tasteless metal can go undetected in water. Excessive amounts of lead place adults at higher risk for cancer, stroke, kidney disease, memory problems and high blood pressure. However, children are at an even higher risk due to their rapidly growing bodies absorbing lead more quickly and efficiently. As a result causing premature birth, reduced birth weight, seizures, hearing loss, behavioral problems, brain damage, learning disabilities and a lower IQ level in children.  In conclusion, the most important protection is to prevent lead exposure before it occurs.

Your Household Plumbing Could be the Source of Lead in Your Drinking Water

Lead can leach into your drinking water from the distribution system that carries water to your home, and from the plumbing within your home. That’s right: YOUR household plumbing may be the cause of lead in your drinking water! One source of lead is the solder used to join copper pipes. Certain well pumps have also been implicated. The most common sources of lead are brass or chrome-plated brass faucets and fixtures from which significant amounts of lead can enter into the water.

If your water is acidic or highly alkaline it will dissolve or corrode metals that introduce lead into your water. Whether, you get your water from the local water department or from a private well, purifying your water at the tap is the only way of assuring safe, pure water.

Contact Us if You Would Like to Know if There is Lead in Your Water

A Water Specialist will visit your home or business to collect a sample for analysis. We will share results of the test with you, and if lead is present, recommend which technology would be most appropriate to protect you and your family.

Best Water Solutions carries several US built and certified technologies proven to remove lead from your water. These include:
• Reverse Osmosis
• Solid Block and Precoat Adsorption Filters (properly designed submicron filtration with adsorption media)
• Strong Acid Cation Exchange (Na+ form)
• Distillation

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