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July 29, 2016

Our Pets Need Great Water, Too!

Pets are a part of more than 82 million households. Each family wants what is best for them:  food, vets, and safe toys. Often overlooked is clean and safe drinking water. Our pets, like ourselves, are 60% to 70% water, and we all need water to survive. For optimal health our pets require good quality water free of the contaminants often found in well and in municipal water supplies. Things like parasites, bacteria, chlorine and its by-products, fluoride, heavy metals, and arsenic. Additionally, iron, magnesium, and nitrates can cause health problems for our families and pets.

What to Do

Aware of these risks, some pet owners use bottled water. Unfortunately, in some instances bottled water is plain tap water, leaving pets exposed to harmful contaminants.  To add insult to injury, bottled water can be very expensive and the manufacturing and delivering process pollute the environment.

At a minimum offer your pets water that has been filtered via an Activated Carbon Filter, and change the filter per manufacturer’s recommendations – otherwise, bacteria can grow inside the filter which can cause health problems for your pets and family.

Cats and Dogs

Pets may not understand the benefits of fresh filtered water, but they do notice that water free from fluoride, chlorine, and other contaminants tastes better. What an easy way to make them happy and encourage them to stay hydrated!  Hot summer days, exercise, play, illness, and infection can lead to dehydration, which can turn life threatening quickly.  If you suspect your dogs or cats are dehydrated, seek veterinary care immediately.

Pets will drink more water if their water bowls are clean, full, and easily accessible.  Change the water frequently since water loses oxygen and is more susceptible to organism growth that can make your pet sick.  Wash water bowls daily and disinfect periodically. Stainless steel or crock-style bowls are the easiest to clean and resist scratches that can harbor bacteria.  Replace bowls when they start looking worn.

Aquatic pets

Whether you have a goldfish in a small bowl or many fish in a large fresh water aquarium, keep in mind that water is your pet’s home. Therefore, the quality of the water you use is very important.

The easiest, most obvious way to fill your tank seems to be using water from the tap. Although this may work for many fish owners, municipal water sources usually contain chlorine or chloramine which can harm your pets. Well water in North Florida often contains phosphates and/or other organic compounds that can greatly affect the health of your fish.

Some aquatic pets flourish in Filtered Water while others do better in Reverse Osmosis Water, and others are healthier in Soft Water.


Amphibians do not drink water but absorb it through their skin.  The higher the quality of water the longer frogs, salamanders, and others in this category will live. If you find a tadpole and want to keep it as a pet, it is best not to use tap water since they are very sensitive to water quality.

As you can see different pets have different water needs. Good quality water will help them achieve and maintain optimal health for many years.

Installing a water filtration system in your home or under your sink will ensure that you are giving your pet the best possible water from a source you know and trust.

If you are interested in hearing more about the benefits of Treated Water for your pets, contact us today. A member of our team will be happy to help you and tell you all about the equipment that best fits your needs and budget.

A healthy pet is a happy pet!

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