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October 31, 2016

Reasons Why YOU will LOVE a Water Softener


  1. A Water Softener eliminates limerock from your water, therefore, preventing the damage it can do to your body and home
  2. It prevents soap scum from forming and attaching itself to your body and your belongings
  3. And prevents iron staining by removing up to 2 ppm of ferrous iron

 Advantages of Soft Water For Your Body:

  1. Refreshing baths and invigorating showers leave a silky feel on your skin
  2. Itch free skin
  3. Clean pores with natural body oils intact
  4. Manageable, shiny hair, rather than frizzy, unruly hair
  5. Soft skin
  6. Smoother skin – less wrinkles

 Advantages of Soft Water For Your Laundry:

  1. Softer laundry since soap and hard minerals rinse out completely from laundry
  2. Laundry whites are whiter and colors are brighter
  3. Clothing, household linens and fabrics last 30% longer since soft water has no hard minerals to damage the fibers
  4. Soft water has more washing power than hard water so you use 80% less detergent to get the same results
  5. No need for washing in hot water, since cold water does the job = energy savings.

 Advantages of Soft Water For Your Kitchen: 

  1. Tastier food and beverages
  2. Spot free dishes and glassware
  3. Sparkling clean flatware, cutlery and utensils
  4. Prevents hard water etching in glassware
  5. Eliminates soap scum and chalky residue on sinks and faucets
  6. Prevents hard water damage to granite counter tops
  7. Kitchen cleaners and dish soap work better and go farther, in conclusion saving you money

Advantages of Soft Water For Your Bathroom:

  1. Eliminates soap scum on bathtubs and shower doors
  2. Prevents clogged shower heads
  3. Eliminates formation of chalky buildup on fixtures, sinks and faucets
  4. Eases household chores and saves time
  5. Enjoy sparking clean faucets and bathtubs

Soft Water Savings:

  1. Reduces the use of costly household cleaners by 80%
  2. Cut back 80% on soaps and shampoos, since it will lather and rinse easier
  3. Clothing, household linens and fabrics last 30% longer
  4. Extends the life of water heaters and makes them more efficient
  5. Reduces utility bills by preventing scale build up on heating elements, which increases its efficiency resulting in energy savings of 20%
  6. Protects plumbing by preventing scale buildup inside pipes
  7. Maintains water pressure in the home
  8. Extends the life of appliances and fixtures by 42%
  9. Prevents costly repairs of water using appliances: dishwashers, washing machines, etc.

NOTE: Maytag and other appliance manufacturers recommend using Soft Water to extend the life of the appliances and keep the warranties in effect.

Contact us to take advantage of the benefits a Water Softener can provide you.  One of our professional Water Specialists will accurately assess what is in your water and, in consultation with you, determine the best way to improve its quality to your satisfaction.

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