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February 28, 2017

Know What You are Getting Into: Questions to Ask


Best Water Solutions

Can the company you are considering to provide water treatment equipment for your home demonstrate they are certified by the National Water Quality Association? (

(This may be your best assurance that a company meets the technical and ethical standards that you deserve)


Does the company have a full time installation staff that is nationally certified and has years of hands-on local experience? Or are they hiring day or contract labor?  Or does the company perform water treatment as a sideline to supplement a business looking for additional revenue?


153 Years Combined Staff Experience
Can the company show valid insurance certificates proving they are well insured to protect you and your property in case of an accident, mistake or unplanned damage?  



Liability $2,000,000

Vehicle $1,000,000

Can they show valid insurance certificates proving the technicians are covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance to protect you from a potential lawsuit if they are injured on your property?


Does the company have a Master Level Certified Water Specialist on staff with advanced training to ensure correct match of technologies with your water chemistry? And ensure correct sizing of equipment to properly treat your water without losing water pressure in your house?


Does the company complete thorough background investigations and screenings of job applicants to ensure only people with the highest integrity will be working in your home?


Is the technician who will be servicing your system rewarded with a commission for every part they use in the repair process? Whether you need the part or not?


Are the equipment and parts they are offering proprietary and available only to one dealer in your region? Thereby forcing you to use that dealer whether their service team meets your expectations or not?


Is the technician certified by a national, independent, third-party? Thereby demonstrating knowledge of safe, correct use of electrical, plumbing, technological materials and procedures?



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Best Water Solutions has been serving our friends and neighbors in North Central Florida since 1982. Every member of our service team is factory-trained and nationally certified through The Water Quality Association. We take pride in the thoroughness and quality of our work and the value we bring to our customers.

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