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September 5, 2015

High Springs Water Softeners


Water Fun in High Springs!

High Springs is blessed with an plethora of water. Local springs abound; the Ichetucknee, and the Santa Fe river offer residents a summertime of refreshing water-related activities! Much of the water coming into Florida originates in the Okeefenokee Swamp in Georgia and is boosted at numerous “recharge” sites where rainwater trickles into our aquifers across Florida.

The water flows through three sorts of Aquifers: the shallow (Surficial), the Intermediate and the Floridian. Bear in mind that even the deep Floridian Aquifer in N. Florida is only 100 to 200 feet and in fact arrives at the surface at several locations where it is really at risk of becoming polluted.

Over the previous 40 to 50 years our valuable water supply has been made vulnerable to an onrush of toxins, natural and man-made, and the regrettable results are showing up even in our aquifers.
Sources of contamination in Florida’s drinking water:

Chemicals: Herbicides, Arsenic, Pesticides & other manufactured compounds run into sinkholes, rivers and streams and in due course finish up in our Florida aquifers.

Nationally, billions of pounds of runoff sludge and toxins are emptied into our prairies, lakes, rivers, and oceans yearly. North Florida is a microcosm of this particular same phenomena.

Manufacturing toxins such as sulfur and nitrogen oxides belching from manufacturing smoke stacks in the South East fall as acid rain in Florida.

Cadmium from batteries and paint, population growth, urban and suburban sprawl stress fresh water supply.

Chlorine and other disinfectants used by municipalities to control viruses and bacteria result in THM’s and disinfection by products dangerous to our health.
As rain falls from the atmosphere, it passes through industrial contaminants generating carbonic acid. This maximizes the “universal solvent” capacity of water to dissolve a small amount of all that it touches. As soon as it hits the ground, especially in metropolitan areas, it flows along the surfaces washing parking area, motorways, etc. of oils, grease, animal waste, etc. ultimately uncovering a spot where it starts to penetrate the earth’s exterior. As water moves through the ground it gathers added contaminants.

This broadens the potential of water to dissolve a little of whatever it touches. As water flows through the soil it takes up additional toxins.

As water flows through Porous rocks like shale and limestone– water picks up inorganic minerals that help to make water hard and countercheck the water’s acidity. Hard water and its residue present difficulties in your home and on your body.
Iron bearing rocks– water picks up iron, which causes rust and reddish colors in apparel and sinks.
Manganese –water collects the propensity to stain things dark and to convey a bitter flavor.

Sand– water preserves its acid condition and can dissolve pipe joints and sink installations.
Marshy or swampy areas– water becomes more acidic as it mixes with gasses such as methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide. It may also pick up color from tannins and lignins.

Sink holes/cracks in our Karst topography– Poisons washed off the earth’s surface can run straight into our drinking water aquifers.

Let our specialists secure your High Springs residence from these contaminants!

We specialize in water conditioners, water softeners, walter filtration systems and in setting up a water treatment system to meet your needs in High springs!