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Benefits of Treated Water


A never-ending supply of healthy, great tasting water for drinking, baby formula and your pets is at your fingertips! Pure and safe water is vital to our health and well being, with Best Water’s systems you can be assured that contaminants, bacteria and viruses are removed from your water.

Treated Water Means Tastier Food & Drinks!

Your coffee, juices, teas and all your favorite recipes will taste better; even your ice cubes will be crystal clear. There is no need to spend your money on expensive bottled water, or to pollute our landfills with empty bottles when you have Best Water in your home.


Skin & Hair

You will be amazed at the difference softened water can make to your lifestyle, and household budget. Removal of hard minerals by one of our softeners makes water luxurious and silky! This brings a new dimension to bathing, showering and washing. Soaps and shampoos will lather richly, and wash away easily leaving skin and hair clean and smooth.

Your Appliances

Soap rinses completely from laundry leaving it soft, and protects the fibers, extending the life of clothing and textiles by 15 percent.

With soft water you will use 75 percent less soaps and household cleaners. Your glassware, dishes and flatware will be free of spots and last longer. Softeners will prevent the formation of scale and scum in your bathroom, shower and kitchen. And your faucets will be sparkling clean, and your water-using appliances will last longer.


Water touches every area of our lives and is essential to our survival. Unfortunately, it also contains contaminants from natural and man-made sources (minerals, gases, bacteria, viruses, metals and chemicals). Some contaminants are harmless, others like e-coli, giardia, nitrates, arsenic, lead, heavy metals, chlorine and pesticides can adversely affect your health, and must be removed before water is safe to drink.

We’re Here to Help!

Our trained water specialists accurately assess what’s in your water and, in consultation with you, determine the best way to improve its quality to your satisfaction.

Some systems clean the water before it enters your home, while others remove contaminants at the tap for drinking and cooking purposes. All are certified by independent third parties, and the great majority are manufactured in the USA meeting the highest standards in the industry.


The Hot Water Side

Properly selected water treatment equipment can prevent mineral buildup from coating the heating element in electric hot water heaters. Hard mineral build up can create a barrier between the water and gas burner. It also diminishes the electric heating element in efficiency, increasing your energy bill.

Keep Your Appliances Pristine

Contaminants such as iron or dissolved lime rock (hardness) damage water using appliances, stain laundry and plumbing fixtures, and can emit odors. Water treatment equipment protects sinks, faucets and shut-off valves from scale or iron buildup. Acid water, which causes corrosion and etching (decreasing lifespan and appearance) can be neutralized. Your beautiful granite countertops will stay pristine with soft water!


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