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Can you think of anything more refreshing than jumping into a pool on a hot summers day for a swim?

Swimming and playing in the pool are always fun activities for the family, but pools must be properly treated for health, safety and aesthetics. To accomplish this conventional pools use chlorine as a disinfectant. Chlorine, when mixed with naturally occurring organic compounds like sweat, saliva, body oils, leaves and grass form THM’s. Maintenance on conventional pools also calls for clarifiers, algaecides, muriatic acid and more. Basically most people swim in a chemical cocktail.

What Happens to Our Bodies in the Pool:

  • Our bodies take in chemicals by absorption through our skin, inhalation of vaporized chemicals and occasionally swallowing pool water.
  • The amount of chemicals absorbed in one hour in a chlorinated pool is equivalent to drinking one week’s worth of chlorinated water.

Swimming in a Chlorinated Pool Presents Health Risks Particularly to Children:

  •  Children breathe more air-per-pound of body weight than adults, so they inhale more chemicals relative to their body weight.
  • Children’s respiratory systems are still developing, so they are prone to more potential side effects from pollutants.
  • Research points out a five-fold increased risk of asthma and hay fever for children.
  • Negative cosmetic effects: burning eyes, dry-itchy skin, stripping brown hair of its color, turning blonde hair green, damage to the structure of hair and turning hair “frizzy.”

We Have a Solution!

Aware of the risks of chlorinated pools, Best Water has carefully studied available, alternative technologies and selected the safest, most effective solution.

Best Water pool systems eliminate the need for chlorine and other harsh chemicals to maintain a pool, and reduce pool maintenance to a bare minimum.

With Best Water you will be able to relax, and enjoy watching your kids swim, confident they are not being exposed to harmful chemicals!

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