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Savings for You!

We all want to save money and stretch our dollars. Two budget busters are hard water and bottled water. Concerns about contaminants in our water supply (chlorine taste or bacteria) lead many to purchase expensive bottled water. But with a water filtration system you can have pure, clean drinking water in your house at all times. Softening hard water and treating drinking water will lead to savings for you, and will pay for itself quickly.


Hard water contains dissolved minerals, which combine with soap to form an insoluble curd, which leaves a residue on anything it comes in contact with (our bodies, dishes, laundry, etc.). Hard water also causes scale, which damages water appliances and plumbing. A water softener will allow you to enjoy the many benefits of having soft water.


The Benefits:

Clothing & Linens

A study conducted by the American Institute of Laundering determined that detergent and laundering costs can be twice with hard water. Clothes washed in hard water often look dingy, and feel harsh and scratchy because soap curd and dirt cling to the fabric. Hard water minerals act as an abrasive on fabric causing fibers to break down and wear out. A 10-year study comparing the lifespan of items washed in hard and soft water, showed that soft water increased the serviceable life of clothing, fabric and household linens by 30 percent. A prime consideration in view of the price tags on today’s clothing.

Water Heater and Water-Using Appliances


When hard water is heated, the dissolved minerals in the water form scale that covers the heating element in your hot water heater, dishwasher and other water using appliances. As time passes, the scale on the element grows thicker making it difficult for the heating element to heat the water. Your appliances have to work harder just to produce the same amount of hot water they did when they were new, costing more money to operate. Furthermore, the volume of water available diminishes as the scale deposits displace it.

With Soft Water you won’t have deposits in your water heater or other water using appliances. It will cost you 20 percent less to heat the water your family uses. Your water using appliances: coffee pot, hot tub, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. will last 42 percent longer. Maytag and other appliance manufacturers recommend using soft water to extend the life of the appliances and keep the warranties in effect.

Personal Care Products

Hard water residue clings to hair making it dull, lifeless and difficult to manage. It causes dry, flaky, itchy skin and can clog up pores. Hard water can cause skin irritations and infections because of bacteria trapped in pores beneath the soap curd buildup. Soft water is silky, luxurious and does not produce soap scum. With soft water you will use 80 percent less soaps and shampoos. It rinses away shampoo, dirt and oil leaving your hair clean, soft, shiny and manageable.

Soft water washes away completely from the skin, cleaning the pores without removing natural body oils. You will enjoy more refreshing baths and showers and a silky feel on your skin. Recently a link was found between hard water and childhood eczema and there is evidence that the use of soft water greatly improves the condition of the affected skin.

Save cleaning supplies & time

17 to 21 percent of our monthly grocery budget is spent on cleaning supplies, detergents and other items to clean up after hard water. Soft water eliminates lime scale and soap curd that clings to bathtubs, basins, countertops and other surfaces. Soft water reduces the use of costly household cleaners by 80 percent, eases household chores and saves time. A Study by Ohio State University determined that cleaning a house with hard water takes an average of four hours. With Soft Water cleaning time was cut by 40 percent, taking two hours and 21 minutes. Over the course of a year this would save a homemaker more than ten, eight hour work days per year. All this free time while enjoying the other benefits of soft water: spot free china, glassware, flatware and plumbing fixtures; showers and bathtubs free of soap scum; more money in your pocket. Win, win situation!

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